• Pissy Hallways
  • TeeJay3K - Livin My Life (feat. Jackboy) [Official Music Video]
  • TeeJay3K - No Auto [Official Music Video]
  • TeeJay3K - No Attempts (feat. OMB Peezy) [Official Music Video]
  • TeeJay3K - Tell You Different [Official Music Video]
  • TeeJay3K - No Regrets [Official Music Video]
  • TeeJay3K - Last Long [Official Music Video]
  • TeeJay3k - "Whatever You Need" [Official Music Video]
  • TeeJay3k - “Veggies” (Official Music Video - WSHH Exclusive)
  • Murda Season (feat. ShooterGang Kony)
  • Project Scars (feat. Lil Poppa)
  • Soul Searchin
  • No Friends (Quando Rondo)
Pissy Hallways
Pissy Hallways

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About TeeJay3K

True stories told by a true voice leave a lasting imprint. With soulful delivery, unmistakable tone, and undeniable spirit, TeeJay3K amplifies the struggles of the streets by way of scorching signature vocals. Drumming up over 5 million cumulative views and 2 million streams as of 2019, he siphons an airy croon and off-kilter rhyme patterns into a singular sound. In addition, the Pompano Beach, FL rapper and singer continually attracts critical praise with The Fader regarding his voice as “the kind that stops you in the middle of whatever you’re doing, and has you asking your friend to run the damn track back.” That voice carries like never before on his 2019 mixtape Soul Searchin and beyond. “My music is pure,” he exclaims. “I rap about shit I’ve seen, shit I want to see, shit I want to do, and shit I’m going to do. This is how my voice sounds. I’m not resorting to heavy autotune. I just try to work until I can’t work anymore. I’m not just a rapper; I’m trying to be the voice for everybody and the voice for the streets.” You’ll hear him loud and clear, because of an emphasis on the truth. Born and raised in Pompano Beach as the middle child of five siblings, he discovered music early on. Mom played Luther Vandross around the house, and dad casually rapped, bumping his demo tapes in the car. Pops shuffled in and out of prison, placing strain on the family. Following his parents’ divorce, TeeJay3K moved in with his mother. He admits, “Even though it was hard growing up, it was just regular hood stuff. I still feel like I had a pretty good childhood in spite of the tough times.” At 18-years-old, a friend took him to the studio and opened up a new realm of possibilities. Inspired by Lil Wayne, Boosie Badazz, Gucci Mane, Chris Brown, and Lloyd, he started to unleash music. In 2014, he dropped his first single “Paper Soldiers” [feat. Kodak Black] and attracted local buzz. Following a handful of ill-fated deals, he momentarily quit music, moved to Orlando, and enrolled in college before dropping out. Refocusing his energy, TeeJay3K unleashed his Cold Summer Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 mixtapes and kicked off a prolific run followed by Since Jit Days which was released via Free The Lost. He was featured on “Bands On Me” alongside Blac Youngsta and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie from Mozzy’s 2018 album Gangland Landlord. They maintained this creative chemistry on “Pot To Piss” off Mozzy’s follow-up Internal Affairs and the joint project Product of My Environment—as well as on tour. Along the way, he garnered further praise from XXL, Elevator, Rolling Out, and The Rap Fest while his “Testimony” video surpassed 1.3 million views on YouTube. However, he narrowly dodged tragedy after being shot at the same year. This all set the stage for Soul Searchin.
“I’m talking about different things going on in my life,” he states. “I got shot at. I almost had my life taken away. Shit was happening in the streets. I was thinking about how my grandmother died. I was trying to get back to where I was before all of this. Since I had a lot of trouble in my teenage years, I felt like I lost myself because I’d seen so much. I was a lost soul at one point. Then, I realized I’m down-to-earth and determined. I learned how to move as a businessman. Now, I feel like I’m that guy. I’m finding who I am.” TeeJay3K captures a distinct vibe on the first single “No Friends” [feat. Quando Rondo]. Over clean guitar, he glides from vibrant verses into a call-and-response chorus, “I don’t need no fucking friends,” before Quando ignites heat of his own. “There are a lot of people who I never wanted to fall out with, but I did,” he continues. “When I do fall out with someone, I’m in my feelings. I had to learn that everyone is in my life for a reason. They also can leave for a reason. I became more confident being on my own.” He reunites with Mozzy on the powerful piano-driven “FWMB,” which stands for “Forever with my brothers” and makes a pledge to those day-one homies above airy guitar. Meanwhile, “Project Scars” [feat. Lil Poppa] details “the internal scars from losing friends to not just gun violence, but the system.” The mixtape notably arrives on November 11 as the number eleven holds a special significance for TeeJay3K. “It’s a spiritual number for me,” he explains. “I see it on every sign, on apartment buildings, on hotel rooms, and on clocks. I got it tattooed on my neck. It basically lets me know I’m doing what I’m supposed to do, I’m on the right path, and my angels are here with me.” In the end, his voice will resound throughout the culture for a long time to come. “When you listen to me, I just want you to know you’re never alone,” he leaves off. “It gets hard, but it’s always great in the end. It doesn’t rain forever, so keep your head up. There’s always sunshine on the other side.”

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